CPA Marketing Strategy Better Than Affiliate Marketing?

CPA Marketing

Which is a Better, Faster Way To Make Money Online; CPA Marketing or Affiliate Marketing

For the longest time affiliate marketing has been what I have gone to to make money online. Recently, I stumbled on a YouTube channel that changed my thinking on which is better. Affiliate Marketing or CPA Marketing? I always thought that affiliate marketing was the easier route to go and in the beginning, I heard about CPA Marketing but didn’t quite understand what it is…

The “Ah-Ha” Moment That Changed Everything - Chuck Garcia

After watching some videos on YouTube, I began to get a “Ah Ha” Moment and starting thinking of some strategies in my head. One concept, I understood was finding an offer with a low competition but has high search volume. Once you figure this out, you can design a website around it. I was very familiar with building websites with wordpress. So it wasn’t hard for me.

What’s the only obstacle in this challenge is will the website convert. After getting accepted to a couple CPA programs such as CPA Grip, Max Bounty and CrakRevenue, it’s time to test if this works.

For me the idea of just buying a domain, spend a little time designing the website and getting it to rank or find other strategies seems to be a easier

strategy then what I have learned with affiliate marketing. The cost for this is a lot cheaper if you go down the CPA route vs affiliate marketing. Now that I’m affiliate with some big CPA Networks, I will be testing it out. My first website I’m going to build is based on offers from Max Bounty. I will be focusing on that and seeing if it works.

Once your accepted to Max Bounty and are accepted, you have access to most their CPA offers. You do have to have a brief phone to qualify. They want to make sure how your going to market and they don’t want anyone sending junk traffic to their offers. If you do this most likely your account will get terminated.

I basically called them up and said I have accounts with CPA Grip and I told them my strategy for promoting their CPA offers. Which is the truth, its how I plan to promote them.

Before getting accepted, I stumbled on a strategy of newspaper ads. I remembered how my dad promoted his business and thought it would be a good idea to do his level of marketing. I want to see if the same strategy that worked for him in 1997, will still work today.

To make this strategy work, I have to pick a CPA offer on Max Bounty, buy a domain and create a website around the CPA offer. After that use newspaper publications to promote my site. Max Bounty does not support if you do direct linking and they want you to think outside the box.

Max Bounty will only let you have access to a few of their CPA offers at first. Mainly, the survey offers are available but the more expensive CPA offers get unlocked after you start brining in a few sales. I will be updating my progress in coming weeks…

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