What’s Your Full Name? Paul Holloway

What Are You Like Offline? I’m more introverted offline. I feel like there are two versions of me. When I hit record, I can put everything and talk with ease but off-camera, I tend to be a little of an introvert.

Do you have another job? Yes, I work around 39-40 hours a week, in addition to everything else I do online.

How Did You Come Up With Holloway Marketing?

Inspired by father who carried an offline business with a similar name until he passed in 1997.

Do You Do Anything Else Online?

I run 3 YouTube Channels. The other two are a reaction channel and a faceless YouTube Channel. In addition to learning new strategies of making money and blogging

Will You ever stop making vids, or having an online presence?

I tend to believe that this is my purpose to help others understand making money easier. So I am never going to stop making content. I will be blogging, making YouTube vids, and learning new strategies until I pass. Hopefully, I can pass my knowledge to others that benefit from it. It’s why I do it. I might get busy but I always come back with content.

Are You On Facebook? Yes, but I am not on as much. Too much drama out there. I focus on other things but I rarely get on unless it’s related to helping my business. Click Here To Connect on Facebook