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March 21, 2022

Is there a decent method to getting more referrals to

The video that I posted today, is probably one of the last videos on What people misuse about is that it is a way to generate free satoshi. Now because it has a referral program, this is what I recommend. I recommend finding referrals that want to use it for building their satoshi count but what most people do when they get to the site is get greedy (I’m guilty of this too) and use the multiplier to increase (or decrease your satoshi )count.

If you do things the right way and just use it to drive referrals, you will make 50% the hourly roll of your referrals, which can add up if you have a lot of active referrals.

How To Get Refferals with Picoworkers?

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Picoworkers you can pay users to complete a task at a very low price. So your paying $0.45 to basically get a referral. Now this has pros and cons. Pro is your getting referrals, Con is after the tasks is done, very few people will come back to the site unless they are familiar with Bitcoin.

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