How To Make Passive Income Playing Pick 3 and Pick 4 Online


How To Win Lottery Online With Pick 3 and Pick 4

Recently I posted a video on a Pick 3 Lottery strategy that is very effective and this strategy involves counting all the balls and getting to the top 4 highest rank balls in Pick 3 or Pick 4.
So far I’ve made two videos about the Pick 3. Those are my top strategies when playing but recently, as I have been going over methods to increase your chances, I stumbled on a lottery site in which you can play the lottery online.

This site only allows Pick 3 and Pick 4 which is alright by me because personally, I think the only game to make passive income with is mastering the Pick 3. Once you master Pick 3 and made some profit and house money, then you can move on to other games…

Everyone is always aiming for the bigger prizes but if you can master making $300-$500 a week with Pick 3 and Pick 4, wouldn’t it be better to have passive income daily.

The site I found online is called “Bet Any Sports” and you can access it here.

There are three steps to this strategy but first if you want to follow along then follow these steps.

  • Create An Account At Bet Any Sports
  • Purchase 20 Numbers For Pick by using Kacy’s Numbers
    • Watch My Videos For Additional Strategies
  • Purchase Pick 3 Numbers With Kacys Numbers and Play Them With Bet Any Sports
  • Figure Out Your Budget and Scale With “Boxed” Numbers

Create An Account At Bet Any Sports (

Click Here To Create Account | Bet Any Sports is a convenient way to play the lottery online at a cheaper price. They offer only Pick 3 and Pick 4 and each ticket is only $0.25 per number. You can also play in any state in the United States. You can pay with Bitcoin and cash out with Bitcoin which I think is great. If you don’t want to get paid in Bitcoin, then they can mail you a check. Check out the site for further instructions.

Use This Service To Have Kacy pick out your Pick 3 Numbers for you

Check Out Kacy’s YouTube Channel and service. She offers a service where she emails you a set of up to 20 numbers. You can pay one time or have a subscription but her methods of getting numbers are really effective. Also, watch the videos I put out for more strategies. Check Out Kacy’s YouTube Channel here and visit her website for more information

Purchase Pick 3 Numbers With Kacys Numbers and Play Them

The next step is to purchase Pick 3 numbers in your state or if you want to research other states, you can play in other states but make sure and do research. My personal method is I use Kacy’s numbers from her service to pick out some of my numbers. The tickets are very cheap compared to going in person to buy tickets. Online they are $0.25 per ticket and offline it’s about $0.50, so that’s a big discount doing it online.

Figure Out Your Budget and Scale With “Boxed” Numbers

The final step is to figure out a weekly or monthly strategy with these methods. Whether you want to use these methods, I will be posting my results from using these methods. My personal strategy is to set a budget for a week until you get your first couple hits and once you start winning more and having an idea of how often you will win, you can use your house money and scale your earning. You can’t do this with the lottery if you do it in person but once your “house money” increases after the first couple of wins, you can scale your ticket from $0.25 per ticket to $0.50 a ticket and the more you can scale, the more money you will make.


I will be doing a case study from my personal results from the methods I used in this video. The videos will only be available on my site, so stay in tune because I will be seeing how effective this strategy is…


The lottery is gambling and at the end of the day the information here isn’t a guarantee you will win. Gambling is a risk. I am not responsible for any profit or loss from the information on the video or on this blog. Play at your own risk.

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