How Would I Make Money Online If I Had To Start Over?


Today, I’m talking about what I would personally do if I wanted to make money online the first day but had zero money.

  • Would I Buy Crypto and HODL? No
  • Would I Focus on Building A List? No
  • Would I Get Started With Clickbank? No
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What I Would Do When I First Get Started?

If you have no resources to get started in the beginning, I would get comfortable at creating content and become good at becoming a “content creator.”

In the beginning, I was afraid of putting myself in front of the camera. Once I started getting results, the fear of putting myself in front of the camera melted away and became easier over time. I’ve created different YouTube Channels, became a partner and saw potential in how you can earn income from becoming a “content creator”

Now if you’re like me and are afraid to put yourself in front of the camera, what I am actually talking about is creating a YouTube channel where you don’t have to show your face. I was browsing YouTube and I was watching videos from this 20 year, Matt Par, and watching his videos as he explained he operates at least 7 different YouTube Channels, and he doesn’t even show his face! So after watching his videos, I got the idea to create a faceless YouTube channel. After listening to what Matt Parr has said, I came up with an idea to make a “affirmations” channel. The results over the last 5 months have been great because I’ve seen growth every month as I post more and more videos and my channel gets bigger over time.

How can you make income from a faceless YouTube Channel?

Once you reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time, you can become a YouTube partner. What this does, is puts ads on your video and you get paid at that point by how many people are viewing your videos. So it’s important to be consistent.

If you are consistent and are able to receive ad revenue, the pay won’t be a lot but just keep focusing on making content and you will grow over time.

Why Do you prefer doing this over other make money online methods?

In the beginning, everyone is starting the same ways to make money online and when you first get started, you might not have a big budget to start building a list or investing in crypto, among other things.

That’s why putting the focus on becoming a “content creator” will help. People come online to be educated and entertained. If you can make content on that your videos will be online for a very long time. The process of doing this might take a couple of months but if your are consistent you will build your multiple sources of income up with the ad revenue and you can put that towards expanding your online business

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