My Biggest Mistake In Crypto That I Had To Learn The Hard Way

May 27, 2022

Bitcoin and all the other cryptos are a game of accumulation. I didn’t understand the process of “HODL” and my mindset at the time was another company was going to give me the wealth. What I have learned from my mistakes of the past is all you have to do is especially during the bear market is the time to accumulate crypto because the prices are at a discount.

Take the bear market to hold your position and prepare for the bull run in 2025. The next 4 years is a game of accumulation, and those that accumulate now, while we are in a bear market will reap the rewards in the future. I have seen the statistics from past mistakes and know my numbers.

Once the bull market happens, majority of those that got in during the bear market will be selling because they will be waiting for the market to start going down again. Buy The Dips and Sell When Everyone Is Greedy. When you start hearing more people talk about Bitcoin that the price is going up, you know that is a good time to sell.

If you Check Out Crypto Fear & Greed.

When we are listed in “Extreme Fear” it is a good indiction to Buy and HODL Crypto. When it is in the green, you know it’s time to sell.

Lessons I Learned:

  • Don’t Put Your Faith In Other Companies. It will always end badly
  • Focus on Building Your Own Wealth
  • Start Dollar Cost Averaging Every Day No matter if the market is down
  • Learn basic fundamentals of Day Trading
  • Don’t Hesitate! The Time You Should of Started was Yesterday!


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