The Hardest Lesson I Had To Learn About Investing In Bitcoin & Crypto

May 27, 2022

What Important Lessons Have I Learned through 2017 to 2022?

The video has two parts, as I was going through some old videos that somehow got removed from my YouTube Channel. I stumbled on an old video of me going through Coinbase in 2017. In the video, I am going through Coinbase in 2017 and talking about strategies to getting gains with crypto.

What I don’t talk about in this video, is this video took place after a revenue share shut their doors on me and ran off with everyones money. Because of this revenue share, I learned about Bitcoin but I learned about it the wrong way. Instead of investing in crypto, I put my faith in other opportunities. Which was the hardest lesson all along is, I should of HODLed but I didn’t. I didn’t take crypto seriously and HODL till 2022 because I was blinded and distracted with “other opportunities.”

So if you find yourself in a situation where you hate the bear market. Remember that everything that goes down goes up. In this video, as I am walking you through Coinbase in 2017. I am buying Bitcoin at a very very cheap price. How much is 0.13 worth now? Also note that the price of Ethereum is basically what the price of Bitcoin was in 2017. So, Should You HODL? If you question that then come back to this video and see what happens over time.

Lessons I Learned:

  • Don’t Put Your Faith In Other Companies. It will always end badly
  • Focus on Building Your Own Wealth
  • Start Dollar Cost Averaging Every Day No matter if the market is down
  • Learn basic fundamentals of Day Trading
  • Don’t Hesitate! The Time You Should of Started was Yesterday!


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