My Journey So Far…

Once my father passed and I caught the bug of wanting to be an entrepreneur, In the beginning, I only knew that I wanted to learn a skill and make a business out of it. It’s what my father did and it’s what I set out to do after I graduated high school.

Unfortunately, that led me to going to school and getting an education. It’s what most people do after high school and thats what I thought I had to do. So, I went to some colleges which didn’t teach me nothing. I managed to get an Assoicates Degree but it was for a tech school no longer in business. That was a waste. I knew I wanted to create some income online. So I kept going. In 2011, I spent two semesters at a film school. That I actually enjoyed. I got two semesters into Editing and basic production. Also, a class that helps generate ideas for writing. 2011, was all about my education there and I enjoyed it and wanted to learn more.

The cost of the university got too expensive so I had to bolt. After all this education, I started to do

research online and that is when I got into making money online. I realized that I never needed school and that it’s possible to make income online. So I got started with Clickbank and as I got more into it, I dove into the spiral of “Shiny Ball Syndrome” for many opportunities. As I began, one of the things I was taught was to blog daily. So I did that and I found out that I really enjoyed blogging and created content for a long time until the company closed their doors and my blog disappeared with them.

After that, I stopped blogging and my attention was like a dog chasing after a shiny ball…

I was going in circles as I was going after opportunities that promised fast money and it just left me frustrated in the end. It wasn’t until I had failed a lot and I saw what worked and what didn’t work. When you put the control in someone else’s hands you get too greedy. The mindset is…

“OK, Let me just trust this site, with all my money and I get a lot back and I can use that to start my business.”

The first time I received a check on Clickbank

When I had a setback I always took a step back and ask myself, “Ok, Is This Something my Dad would do to start his business?” Whenever the answer was No, I knew I had to shift directions. This actually happened a lot because unless you have a mentor, you will get started online and be going in circles.

I started shifting my focus on helping more people and shifted it from “making money for me” to “OK, How Can I help others.”

I started shifting the focus into helping others and creating content. I started several different YouTube channels and blogging again. So, I listed below several things I have learned to get going online that help me focus more.

Recommended Ways Of Making Money Online

  • Start Building a List and Give Content To Your Subscribers
  • Create A YouTube Channel and Put Content On There Daily
  • Create A Faceless YouTube Channel With Content and Focus on Ranking and becoming a YouTube Partner
  • Buy A Domain and Blog Daily
  • I would suggest learning about these things to be successful:
    • Learn To Build A WordPress Blog
    • Learn How To Build Websites On WordPress
    • Learn How To Find Low Keywords and Try and Rank For Them
    • Find A Mentor You Trust! It’s very hard getting started in the beginning and having a mentor will lead you in the right direction.